Smok Pen 22 Review

Smok Pen 22 Review

The most recent form of electronic ink around, Smok Pens, ‘s been around for a time but is starting to see a large following. Pens have become quite popular recently, probably because they offer such easy and efficient use. They are small enough to easily be stored in a shirt pocket or a purse and can also provide a high quantity of customization and great affordability. If you want a thing that is very different from another pens available, this might be an option for you. But first, I’ll explain the way the Smok Pen Works.

smok pen

The basic concept behind the Smok pen is situated round the same idea as a lot of electric shaver and makeup brushes. You will find a coil or ‘buzz’ on the outer edge of the pen, which when heated moves the liquid ink through the coil and onto the paper. That is done by a heat that is similar to those used in hair styling irons and can be found in a lot of the fancy electric kits available. The way it works is that heat generates a slight quantity of resistance to the ink flowing through, which then slows down the speed of the liquid moving through the coil.

Here are a few different models of Smok Pens, and each has a slightly different method of working. The main difference is situated in the construction and size of the product. The smallest of the models are only about half the size of a normal pen, which means that they are extremely compact to transport around. Alternatively, the biggest

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